Here’s Tae Us; Wha’s Like Us?

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Learn Be Teach Do

This is me.


In many ways, I’m a stereotypical Scot. I’m ginger, I like eating shortbread and I roll my “Rrrr”s. I like a good laugh, often at myself. I’m opinionated.

I watch football matches knowing that my team will lose but cheering them on regardless. I watch rugby matches expecting my team to win and feel dejected when they are defeated. I rarely watch cricket. I watched the Olympics and got behind Team GB, except when it was football and then I switched to Germany.

I use Facebook and loathe myself for doing so. I use Twitter and edit myself constantly.

I sing both national anthems with care and gusto, but hate the way both songs portray Scots. The lyrics of Flower of Scotland define “Scottishness” on how we interacted with the English 700 years ago and let’s not get started on the defunct verse of God Save the…

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