My little sis…

I hope you have a great day with Tracey and so looking forward to our meet-up too!

Wondering Why

I have two twitter sisters and one twinnie; none of whom are actually related to me but they have become, and always will be, part of my family. The twitter sisters @TraceySpacey1 and @ProfessorEdith are the ones I turn to when things get good or bad; we talk and we share. My twinnie keeps changing her name thanks to twitter stupidity but is currently known as @RockSteadyT2 or Tunde as she is known to me and her husband, her real one (not her fantasy Jan Kincaid one).

Today I am off to Mansfield or thereabouts to see my little sis Tracey. I am taking my daughter with me, who will meet Auntie Tracey for the first time. I know they will get on fine, both being very sweet natured and lovely to be around. I am so excited about seeing my little sis. I last saw her several months ago…

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