How to butt in and annoy people!

The bit that annoyed me most was that I wasn’t even speaking to them in the first place but they just had to draw attention to themselves by butting into our tweetersation.* I was having a perfectly reasonable rant with like-minded Tweeters about exam results, the media, school in the seventies and famous sayings by grannies. Keep up! I had just suggested that perhaps the people who said exams were too easy were either inadequate or just nasty when up popped the “YoungTories” with a comment. A comment that had no relevance whatsoever to the topic(s) being discussed. A bit like Tories generally I suppose, completely out-of-touch, irrelevant and just nasty!

The gist of the comment was that by being a socialist I was nasty by default because socialists were just nasty to people who were well off, simply because they were well off. Well, that made me so angry because it was so presumptuous of the YoungTories to know anything about me, my politics or even the state of my bank balance (Overdrawn a week after payday if you must know) from a comment about exams! Naturally, I put them straight and replied that socialist or not, I didn’t believe a person’s worth was determined by their bank balance. Haven’t heard any more from them but typical of Tories though isn’t it? Certainly typical of the Tories in Government right now, and I count the Lib Dems in their number for obvious reasons, and their wealthy capitalist supporters. It is all too clear that they judge everyone by the state of their bank balance, the size of their country estate and the model of the car they drive: plebs like us just don’t measure up! So to punish our temerity in existing at all, they make us poorer by taxing our bedrooms, destroying the services we depend on, taking away the support mechanisms the most vulnerable amongst us depend on and say it’s for our own good! “They” are protecting our interests and shoring up our economy (which they pretty much buggered in the first place) and, wait for it, we are all in it together!!! I can hardly breathe I’m so overcome with emotion at the thought of their sacrifices on our behalf. Next time one of them is next to you at a food bank queue, remember to say thank you, won’t you?

All in it together? Aye, all in the same country together, but definitely not on the same planet!

*Tweetersation: a conversation on Twitter of course!


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